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Corrupt Judges & Judge Hobbs. The Rules.

Before I go on further with this execrable story about how ordinary British people are trampled all over by our ruling classes, commonly known known in the media as the "Establishment", I will list the RULES under which Appointed Persons must work. These are no different than the Rules under which Judges also have obey and work under.
I got from the powers a copy of the relevant rules and they read:-

The page is headed "Extract-Paragraphs 15 to 24 from the Terms and Conditions of service for Fee paid 'Appointed Person' under the Trade Marks Act 1994"
Under the heading "CONFLICT OF INTEREST" -
"The governing principle is that no person should sit in a judicial capacity in any circumstances, which would lead an objective onlooker with knowledge of all the material facts reasonably to suspect that the person might be biased"
"Fee-paid judicial office holders:
(c) should not sit on a case if they have a personal, professional or pecuniary interest in that case; or any business or practice of which they are members in any capacity has such an interest."

Under the heading; "JUDICIAL CONDUCT"
"The Public both deserves and expects the highest standards of conduct from those who hold judicial office"
"The Public must be entitled to expect all judicial office holders to maintain at all times proper standards of courtesy and consideration. The Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice do not regard behaviour which would cause offence, as consistent with the standards expected of those who hold judicial office. A substantiated complaint of conduct of this kind, whether or not previous complaints have also been made, is in their view capable of being regarded as misbehaviour"
"The Lord Chancellor and the Lord Chief Justice will not consider the exercise of the powers vested in them in respect of judicial conduct without serious cause and the most careful deliberation."

Grand and lofty words you may think, but do they actually mean anything. The whole of government and the civil service is full of such grandiose verbiage, about how they must and will treat the public and give excellent service. My painful experience over many years is that it is all
garbage worth diddly shit!! In this case you will see exactly how these oafs in the Judiciary really
pay homage to the lofty ideals. Bewigged and ermine ridden, arrogant oafs, is what I think about them all.

This Judge called Hobbs QC, a legal personage who is by all accounts, regarded as some sort of Intellectual Property GOD! You cannot read much about IP law without coming across a
hallowed statement made by him at a hearing or an appeal. I can imagine how all that has gone to his head as this seems to be the norm with Judges and indeed a lot of the lower judiciary orders too. Many a barrister, QC and judge display incredible arrogance towards the rest of humanity. We mere mortals in the normal world are regarded as peasants with no brains.

So what has this supposedly eminent Judge done to raise my ire? Well he presided over an appeal brought by my ex agent, against the ruling of an IPO hearing Officer called Landau. He held a hearing which dealt with the legality of an application by my ex agent (RB) to register a trade mark (Viper) which was legally mine and had been so since 1986. Landau decreed that the registration which the IPO had given RB had to be in effect "null & void". The reasons he gave for this decision I will not go into here. For those interested, you can read my blog;
where you can see all the history of my 19 year battle against this conman and the incompetent and corrupt IPO.
RB was appealing this Landau decision in front of an Appointed Person and he got this Judge Hobbs as the person who would hear it. This took place in London in March 2006. I was not allowed to be present at that hearing under a quaint IPO ruling that it was an 'ex parte' hearing.
This even though I had been responsible for the hearing taking place by my actions at my Opposition Hearing to his Application to Register a Trade Mark,(mine) held in May 2004. I raised many legal objections including the legality of alleged assignments. So even though I held registration of the mark and opposed RB's application to also register it, I was not allowed to be at this hearing. THIS IS BRITISH JUSTICE FOR YOU.
Consequently I never knew what was being said behind my back, and despite many efforts by me and even my MP to find out the decision of the appeal, (if there was one) we were constantly rebuffed and lied to by the IPO as to what had gone on and whether there was a decision. It took 13 months before I got the details and they were that the appeal had been dropped by RB. However why this was I was not told and it took a few years before I was to be able to find out
exactly what had been said at that hearing and why the appeal had been dropped.
It was not until about 2008, prior to yet another hearing brought about by RB, that I got documents which highlighted in them, much of what Judge Hobbs had said in that hearing. This was because the Hearing Officer (one Mr Foley) constantly and reverently referred to Hobs and his utterings at that prior hearing. I felt that Foley was in awe of this Hobbs and thus was using the utterings of him as case history and reasons for making his own decisions. This all started getting me deeply suspicious of what had actually gone on and had been said in full, at that Hobbs hearing. I asked the IPO if they had a transcript of that Hobbs hearing, but I was not hopeful if there was one, that I would get a copy. I could have fallen over when they sent me a copy of this transcript.
After having read it, I was a mass of quivering anger at this man, Hobbs, plus the execrable IPO for keeping this information from me for years. The behaviour of Hobbs was in my humble opinion, deeply offensive and slanderous to me, biased and he gave RB much legal advice. All this absolutely against all the Rules of Conduct I have outlined above. I determined that I would not let this go by the wayside without a fight to the death. My fight now begins, to get justice over what he said and did and in my next post I will list in detail all Hobbs's indiscretions.

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