Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Corrupt Judges & Judge Hobbs. The future.

What do I do now? Well after long thought I have decided to resubmit my complaint and this time I will send them a copy of the transcript plus I will list my complaints in such detail so they cannot say I have not given them enough information and proof of his misdemeanors.
I am also going to add the charge that by giving the advice he did, which prompted RB to drop the appeal and then go on to carry out his advice, which in turn enabled him to get the IPO to ignore the Landau decisions and give him the registration Landau had said he had to lose.
Now if that is not a blatant case of a JUDGE behaving in a disgraceful way, I do not know what is. For a JUDGE to be responsible for what can only be described as a miscarriage of Justice, by abusing his powers. THEN I DO NOT KNOW WHAT DOES CONSTITUTE AN ABUSE OF JUDICIAL POWERS.
We shall see what antics of the OJC, now get up to, to PROTECT ONE OF THEIR OWN.


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