Friday, 20 August 2010

Corrupt Judges & Judge Hobbs. All rogues.

I have spent the last 20 years fighting the Intellectual Property Office (from now on will be the IPO) because their actions have allowed a conman to steal my IP Rights and use them to copy my products and also use my Trade Mark.
The IPO hold hearings which are I believe are classified as tribunals. They are conducted by what are known as Hearing Officers. They are not Judges but they are IPO employees. So they are hardly independent of the IPO, and if you have had problems with the IPO like I did, and you complain strongly, then I believe these HO's are programmed to find against you.
If you have a hearing go against you, you are told you can appeal, but to whom? Well non other than yet another H.O. Hardly an independent person. However you are also told that you can elect to have the appeal heard by an Independent barrister who is chosen by the Treasury Solicitor. You may be fooled as I was that this meant you would indeed get an 'Independent'
person hearing your appeal against the IPO's decision. DO NOT BE FOOLED!!
I found out by researching that many if not all these 'Independent' persons are far from independent as they seem to derive a lot of their work (and probably their income) from IPO work as hearing officers.
I intend to show you just what these JUDGES, for that is what they really are, are all about and
how they behave. They and all their fellow Judges who hold Court at County Courts and High Courts are nothing more than a rabble, as far as I am concerned. Who as it has been constantly said, do not come from this planet. Not only that, but they believe they are beyond the law and can do as they please. They can break every rule in the book and get away with it, and 'Fuck you all!!'
I will show you what one Judge did to me and how he has been PROTECTED by all his cronies in the Judicial World, when I tried to bring him to book. So keep reading on over the coming weeks, because I am going to expose this despicable man and what he did. This via this blog for this is the only way I can do this, even if it isn't the best way to do it. However I am left with no other choice as the media are not interested, as I think they are all scared of the Judiciary. This or maybe it is because it has no sex or other salacious content that will sell papers. It seems investigative journalism is mostly dead.

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