Sunday, 5 September 2010

Corrupt Judges & Judge Hobbs. The Book.

I have added a link to my book which covers the whole story of the theft of my IP by conman Busbridge, the way he was protected by the Intellectual Property Office and the part Judge Hobbs played in that. It is a more precise breakdown of the story than the blog...... 'bewareincompetentcivilservants' covers as it includes breakdowns of the evidence documents put into all the hearings and many which included the serial perjury of Busbridge.
It is my belief that both the IPO and Hobbs colluded to enable the theft to eventually be able to happen and the appeal hearing played a central part in all that. What has to be answered is why did they do this? I have my own theories which I will attempt to investigate and maybe I will get there in the end.
The book has not yet been published as I am awaiting the answers to some legal questions that need answering. Once I have those they Can be added at the end and it will be published and distributed to as many people in the IP world that I can find addresses for and will also be put on Amazon.

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