Thursday, 23 September 2010

Corrupt Judges.IPO & Judge Hobbs. Latest.

I have been working away at getting together as much evidence as I can re this appeal Hobbs was officiating. As I have said already it was no proper appeal hearing as the transcript shows, Hobbs never discussed once, any of the reasons Busbridge may have given to allow him to appeal.

If you read the transcript of my appeal against a decision of a hearing officer called Foley, which was heard by a Professor Annand, that appeal hearing was conducted totally differently to the way this Hobbs appeal was conducted. You may say that the Annand appeal followed the correct procedure for such appeal hearings in that she dealt with my grounds of appeal and evidence statements asked a few questions about those and asked me if I wanted to ask any questions. She also made it clear that she would only deal with the facts concerning this appeal and nothing else.

Then when you read the transcript of the Hobbs appeal, none of that kind of procedure was carried out. It is clear that all the Hobbs hearing was about was this "cosy" meeting between Hobbs & James of the IPO in which they gave Busbridge advice and slagged me off. Hardly what you might call a 'Pukka Appeal'.

So I have asked the IPO & the Treasury Solicitors to provide me with what guidelines they have as to how an appeal hearing should be conducted. I would have thought such guidelines do exist as everything these days is done on such guidelines and tick boxes. The IPO supplied me with a long copy of a manual on appeals which I am plowing through. I can already see some interesting facts.
I have also been given a copy of the Statement of Grounds that RB put in for this appeal but no evidence statements, which should have been part of his appeal. Without them how could any appeal officer know what evidence he had for him to think he could appeal? So I have asked for them and I await what comes up, if anything.

In my next post I will explain what this manual says on how an appeal should be conducted and on anything the T/Sol comes up with. HOWEVER KNOWING BOTH THE T/SOL AND THE IPO, IT WOULD NOT SURPRISE ME IF THEY DON'T COME UP WITH ANYTHING. I say this as they have already shown their deviousness by refusing to answer questions they know will incriminate them and conveniently losing documents or saying they have been destroyed.

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