Saturday, 28 April 2012

Corrupt Judges and judicial system

Since my last post some time ago, I have had to suffer yet again at the hands of a corrupt judicial system run by corrupt Judges and lawyers. Here's the details:-

 Most of my posts so far have concerned my IP battle and in a follow on from that, the last lawyers I was forced to take on at great expense to try and finally get some justice for the utter failings of successive IPO hearing officers (they are quasi judicial officers who perform the role of Judges in the rotten IPO system of hearings)

This firm of lawyers failed miserably to do a first class job and they utterly failed to win what should have been an easy case to win. This because they like most British lawyers were not forceful enough and did not conduct the case in an aggressive way to show the IPO that if they carried on as they had done in all the previous hearings by failing to be impartial and dealing with all the reported perjury and forgery, then they could expect to have to suffer the ramifications that would follow. No they acted in a wimpish way and allowed the corrupt hearing officer (Salthouse) top ride roughshod all over them. So needless to say I was once again refused justice by losing and as usual the lawyers always win even when they lose as they always expect to get paid!!

 This self same lawyer then tells me that despite this I had a good case and that I should appeal before the High Court where I would not be in the clutches of IPO hearing officers who were carrying out an agenda to make sure I lost each and every time. This despite my telling him right at the beginning that I had only enough money to have him make this defence. He then goes and gets the advice of a QC and expects me to pay him for that and for all the emails he'd sent me prior to doing that. And this despite knowing I had no more money. Needless to say when he presented me with a whopping bill of £3.5K I refused to pay. So eventually they took me to the small claims court.

Well I had plenty of documentary evidence to show I had warned him I had no money to have him do anymore paid work. At the preliminary hearing the Judge hearing that told them he thought they had a shaky case and how did they expect I would be able to pay them even if they won despite the evidence I had presented. Oh no they wouldn't drop the case 'ON PRINCIPAL'as they couldn't be seen to give in to people who refused to pay the bills they presented. What assholes!!

A date was set for March 2011 and I duly presented myself confident of winning. Yet what happened at that hearing as far as I am concerned, showed me once again how depraved and corrupt our Judges and the system is. The Judge hearing that case obviously knew this lawyer and was very chatty with him before the hearing even started and once it got going the lawyer said they wanted to put into the case 'new evidence' in the form of many pages of what were no more than ALL THE DOCUMENTS THAT HAD BEEN PART OF THE CASE THEY HAD LOST AND FOR WHICH I HAD PAID THEM FOR IN FULL!!

I objected strongly by stating that these had no bearing on the facts of the unpaid bill as that was for a NEW case and nothing to do with the old case. Plus they had had these documents for all the months leading up to the hearing and had obviously all the time in the world to include them. Plus they had now gone over the deadline for their evidence to have gone in for this hearing. This was ignored by this Judge and I was told there had to be a new hearing and it would not be before about June as the court was very busy.

I had expected to have had all this done and dusted at this hearing and had made arrangements to leave my rented flat in order to do some travelling. I would be back before June and the new occupant of the flat had my telephone number to call me if any mail came for me. As I had no permanent address I could give the court for any letters to be sent to me, I left it at that and I heard no more.

I assumed because of the lack of mail that the lawyers had decided to give it up.

How wrong I was for six montsh later when I was getting a new flat to rent when a credit check was done by the landlords, it comes up I've now got a CCJ and this meant that I had not been told of the new court date which it turned out had been made for only a few weeks after the last hearing, despite my having been told it would be as late as June.

Evidence of collusion by the court office and the Judge that (a) the court rules on when evidence has to be in by, were ignored. (b) the old boys act was evidenced by the cosy way the Judge was treating and talking with the lawyer at the hearing and giving him prefential treatment by bending the rules (c) the court giving the lawyers a new date only weeks hence despite telling me otherwise (d) not making sure I knew of the new date.


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