Sunday, 19 April 2015

Corrupt Judges and another useless judge

The hearing before this corrupt Judge Hughes who had said as per my last post that I had no case, no just cause and the police had an exoneration etc, proved to be yet another useless corrupt judge trying to protect the Police.
So a long and expensive drive to Winchester (I am a penniless pensioner on only a State pension) and before this oaf who immediately I saw the pin striped bastard, I knew he was just another posh, ex public schoolboy in the Cameron mould. Especially when he eventually opened his mouth.
By now I had been given the advice of a probono barrister who basically agreed with all my points and added that both Avis and this Judge Ian Hughes had failed to make the Dorset Police PROVE they had an exoneration by giving up to the judge the actual evidence of the reports they hold on me, so the judge could 'independently' see for himself if there was a 'policing purpose' to them holding them, as per the act. Of course neither judge did that and it had escaped me that they could and should have done this. But of course they were 'corruptly' siding with the police.

So I read out this barristers letter of advice plus choice comments of my own and what did this illustrious keeper of justice and the law do? Well what could he do as this proved he had not done his job properly. He took himself out of the case ( NO apologies) and said he was ordering that the case be held again this time in my home town by a new judge. Well well.

This proves that both he and Avis both acted outside what the law says and corruptly sided with the police lawyer, thus not acting as they should by being INDEPENDENT. (JUDGES RULES which I know off by heart by now)

So maybe on this next hearing I will be able to get this barrister to actually be at the hearing if he hasn't another case. We will see. 

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