Friday, 31 July 2015

Corrupt Judges they are all over the place!

 I have already had to suffer in my case of trying to force the Dorset Police to admit they have Intelligence Reports on me or not, from having THREE JUDGES who have done everything possible to thwart my attempts to obtain JUSTICE in our corrupt Establishment World.

Well their attempts came to an end just recently. I managed to get a Probono QC to side with me and he was prepared to attend this hearing where I was supposed to grovel before yet another Judge and BEG to be able to appeal the rotten corrupt decisions and attempts of the last rotten Judge trying to kick out my application for an appeal.

He saw all my documents to date and came up with a brilliant skeleton argument which said pretty much all that I had already stated but now with case law added AND the fact that here was a learned person they could not push around as they had done with self litigant me. Immediately the Dorset Police caved in and admitted AFTER FIVE YEARS OF CORRUPTLY TELLING ME AND THE COURTS THAT THE DPA GAVE THEM EXEMPTIONS TO NEITHER ADMIT NOR DENY WHETHER THEY HAD ANY RECORDS ON ME. Which of course it does not! Not only that but they had to disallow the costs (£902) Avis corruptly awarded me (for they had refused to settle out of court and by law that means they cannot be awarded costs even if they win!!!!!!) Now will they pay me for all the costs they put me to, plus compensation for the stress??? We will see.

Pretty damning and no apologies for all the work they put me to over these five years, not to mention the costs. And what about that miserable dog of a Judge.....Judge hire-a-car-off-me-Avis????? He gets away with his deliberate actions made to help the police and trash me and my rights to a FAIR HEARING and justice!

All these type of Judges make me sick and our justice system is rotten to the core with the bastards. Not content to act as they have done with me, but they are now running this country and ruining it with their incomprehensible stupid acts in all kinds of cases, especially immigration and terrorist cases. Awarding terrorists huge sums of money for alleged misdeeds by our armed forces etc. It would never have happened in my 8 years in the Forces when I too was on active service fighting terrorists in Cyprus & Aden. Then they were pro Britain and against all these foreigners trying to demolish us.  Of course then there was no Human Rights Industry as of now!!!! With all manner of grubby lawyers making huge sums at Public expense protecting  the scum of the Earth.

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