Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Corrupt Judges & Corrupt JCIO

I have now been forced to report this evil bastard Judge 'Hire a car off me' Avis to yet another bunch of rotten and corrupt bastards now called Judicial Conduct Investigations Office. This is the exact same mob to whom I complained about Judge Hobbs and gave them incontrovertible evidence of his breaking every rule in the Judges Rule Book. See earlier posts.

This time I have reported the latest corrupt Judge.... Avis and how he too broke every rule when hearing my case against Dorset Police and their corrupt actions in denying me my rights under the Data Protection Act and the Human Rights Act. I have included reams of evidence including the evidence of the QC, Mr Lock, who defended my case and won for me with my appeal, without even having to get into court.

However this shower are so corrupt that they even tried to knock me back when I simply wrote to them asking them if they would allow me to put in my complaint 'out of time' (they only allow a ridiculous short time of 3 months in which to put in a complaint and this knowing as in this case that it can take much longer to gather all the evidence). They wrote back telling me I had no case even though I gave them no evidence AND NEVER ASKED FOR THEM TO TAKE IT ON AS A COMPLAINTS CASE!! Just asked them questions.

They beggar belief, so I have now sent them a 'Formal Complaint' on their complaints form (not done, obviously, before) and with reams of evidence to back up all I allege. Of course it is certain that they will ignore all I have said and shown in their corrupt willingness to do anything to PROTECT ALL BENT JUDGES. Do not forget that in my case TWO JUDGES TRIED TO BEND THE RULES EVEN BEFORE I GOT A HEARING AND TO PROTECT THE POLICE BY SAYING I HAD NO CASE!!!!  Funny that, for as soon as QC appears on the scene........I DO HAVE A CASE AND THE POLICE CAVE IN!!! For he had shown that Avis had ignored the law and relying on what the Police lawyer told him the law said. HOW CORRUPT CAN YOU GET????

The JCIO always tell you that if you are not happy with their decision you can always take it to the next step up and to another corrupt bunch of Judge Protection Racketeers. If you surf the web on corruption of the justice system, politicians, the courts, the police and Uncle Tom Cobbly an All, you will see all the other people in the UK who are thoroughly pissed off with this corruption that is rife in the country. I MAY AS WELL BE LIVING IN A BANANA REPUBLIC!! It makes my blood boil when I hear politicians blowing off about how we in the UK live in a DEMOCRACY THAT LIVES BY LAW AND ORDER...........OH YEAH AND PIGS CAN FLY!!!

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