Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Corrupt Judges-at it AGAIN

To bring you upto date on the saga of Corrupt Dorset Police and their mates .....ALL THE JUDGES ON THE DORSET CICUIT.

As I have reported last September I took the Dorset Police on for denying me my rights under the Data Protection Act. Well after I finally won but then only because I managed to get a QC onboard for free. QC or no QC he still fogot to ask for costs against the corrupt bastards. (AND NOW WE ALL KNOW JUST HOW CORRUPT ALL OUR POLICE FORCES ARE AFTER THE REVELATIONS LAID BARE RE HILLSBOROUGH).

So I put into their Chief Constable ( another usless entity and a WOMAN to boot) a claim for £3K costs. which I deliberately kept low. They ignored it and my threat to take it to court. So I ended up putting in a small claim. The full story is on my other blog:-

I am raging mad.blogspot

This blog has dealt with all the corruption I have received at the hands of POLICE since 1990, but I also highlights other stories of UK corruption.

So I will cut this latest story to just highlighting how YET ANOTHER JUDGE ACTS CORRUPTLY and again protects his fellow corrupt civil servants and this time Dorset Police....AGAIN.
I put in my evidence which was simple enough and this smooth talking ex Public schoolboy Judge (aren't they all?) waffles on and in the end trashes my claim and AWARDS THE BASTARDS.......£2K COSTS AGAINST ME  !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Now think about this. Member of public is denied by a Police Force, his rights to see whatever they hold on him on their computers ETC. He is not a criminal AND HAS NO CRIMINAL RECORD !!!!!!!. They fuck him about for 5 YEARS. He takes them to court and wins...... forcing them to answer. When he rightly asks for costs A CORRUPT JUDGE SIDES WITH THEM............ this by saying THEY HAD NO CASE TO ANSWER!!!!!!!!!??????? and awards them £2K.

JUST HOW CORRUPT CAN YOU GET??.............and what can an impoverished member of the public do???..........THE ANSWER IS NOTHING.................WELCOME TO CORRUPT BRITAIN. I MIGHT AS WELL BE LIVING IN RUSSIA OR AN AFRICAN BANANA REPUBLIC.

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